Friday, November 5, 2010


I am just returned from the UNC Board of Governors Meeting. All of the talk of budget and some of the dire news reports have made me think about the beginning of our economic meltdown in the US. Wall Street was making all kinds of crazed moves while there was no watchdog.

Shared governance is the only way that we assure that all the voices in a university get heard and respected. If we neglect that duty now, we may wake up with a world we no longer recognize and do not want.

I will be communicating with delegates in a long email report in the next few hours about content. But, for now, I remind us of our duty.

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  1. I ask that you might consider holding an appreciative inquiry summit to meet the requirements of tomorrows educational needs. I am looking forward to my move to North Carolina to learn more about the opportunities to streamline the process delivering a leaner but more robust product to the students.